Winter Window Installation - Optimo Hat Shop

South half (Holabird & Roche, 1893)

Optimo is a fancy hat company located in Chicago, with a brick & mortar located in the beautiful Monadnock building (shown right). This building is SO interesting. 1/4 of the building is supported by steel framing, while the rest is supported by the brick exterior walls, which measure 6ft thick at the base! The Monadnock building is one of the tallest buildings ever built with brick supporting walls! Amazing. The first floor of this building is full of nostalgic shops, a great little deli, a women's boutique, shoe cobbler, barber shop, mens suit shop, tabacco shop, flower shop, Intelligentsia coffeehouse, & The Optimo shop. The Optimo windows are challenging because not only does it need to be sophisticated and complimentary to the product, but it needs to seamlessly merge with the historic building that contains it. AND then there is the issue of glare & contrast with what is installed in the windows. Through INDO's mentorship & collected materials I was able to construct an icy winter window using drinking straws - salvaged from the waste stream.